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Melanie Lenci, CPRW & CEIP
The Boonies, NY


Missing that zest for life you once exuded?

Let's be real. Our careers can be a tremendous source of energy, pride and satisfaction, or they can leave us feeling unmotivated, fatigued and unfulfilled.

If you're ready to take months off your learning curve and benefit from partnering with someone whose full-time job is leading others in recapturing their professional pizzazz, then you've come to the right place.


Each Package Includes...

My packages include not only the tools, materials and personal guidance necessary to build your professional confidence by putting you in control of your career, but you'll reap $225+ in savings and bonuses by bundling services.

Once you select your perfect package, we'll schedule a 1/2-hour strategy session to chart our strategy and path for meeting your goals.

We'll then schedule our initial intake session, plus any additional chat time necessary for this Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) to not only capture the bigger picture of your career story, but to draw out detailed examples of how your proudest career accomplishments answer your next employer's needs.

To give you the greatest advantage over the countless folks who neglect these steps, your package also includes a cutting edge e-note or a more traditional cover letter, plus a reference sheet template to help you strut your stuff at interviews.

While my top packages include LinkedIn profile development by an award-winning LinkedIn profile writer, all packages include my 17-page LinkedIn Connection Kit (LiCK), complete with tips and scripts to help you make and maximize your LinkedIn connections.


Wait, There's More...

Because your investment is the gift that keeps on giving, I'll continue to share valuable career development resources and updates from the world of recruiting and hiring by subscribing you to my monthly(ish) blog updates.

You'll also be emailed a detailed invoice so that you can follow up with your accountant to see whether your investment qualifies as a tax-deductible job search expense.

Getting excited to go pro? Then skim down to see which package feels right to you and check out the my process link to the left, so that you'll know exactly how we'll work together and everything I'll need to lead you down the path to career charisma.

And don't just take my word for it. Check out the generous words of previous clients on my client kudos page.

Enjoy perusing your package options.


Total Pro Package
starting at $1,997

You know you've got it. You just need help flauntin' it.

This package provides the maximum advantage in presenting your professional image, both online and on paper, by ensuring that you have it all.

You can also view some LinkedIn profile samples and if you don't see your profession reflected in any of the samples, feel free to take a peek at What professions have you written resumes & LinkedIn profiles for?


New Grad Career Foundation Package
starting at $1,597

You've made a considerable investment in your education, and now you're ready to invest in your career. Whether you haven't yet received your diploma, but want to be good and ready when you do, or you graduated six months or so ago and just haven't had any luck in securing interviews in your field, this package is for you.

Together, we'll build a foundation that will allow you to steer the course of your career from this point forward. What could be better than that (besides receiving this package as a graduation gift, of course)?

The parents of the 2 sisters featured in the above samples saw my work with their new grads as the perfect complement to their daughters' hard work.


Multitasker Package
starting at $1,997

If you don't want to be pigeonholed as you explore new career opportunities, then this package is for you. We'll work closely to develop 2 distinct document sets that maximize precious real estate on each page to give readers' just what they need to know they want you on their team.

Since it can be a little tricky - or a downright bad idea - to have an online presence that advertises you one way while you're pursuing unrelated career options, LinkedIn profile development is not included in this package. That said, if I can determine a LinkedIn strategy that works for you, then I'll definitely recommend it as a package add-on.

While your circumstances may not require the amount of variation as the above samples demonstrate, you can see just how different your career documents could be when showcasing distinct areas of your background.


Simple Simon (or Sally) Package
starting at $1,497

Even though 2014 data reveal that 77%+ of jobs are posted on LinkedIn and 94% of recruiters and hiring managers are sourcing talent there, you'll pass for now on having your profile professionally crafted. Still, you're a true pro and want to present yourself as such. That's why the Simple Simon (or Sally) Package is perfect for you.

While you've opted not to have your profile expertly crafted, you'll still receive a copy of my 17-page LinkedIn Connection Kit (LiCK), so that you can take a stab at learning to maximize the benefits of LinkedIn on your own.


Package Add-Ons

You've made a wise investment in a career package to help you secure the position and salary you deserve, so now you've earned discounted rates on add-ons that'll be sure to show your next employer that you go the extra mile.

Go on. You're worth it.


A La Carte Services

You'll pass on $225+ in package savings, because you just don't need the whole shebang. That's why a la carte suits you.

Since I do work with clients from current college students to executives and technical professionals with 30+ years of experience, you may want to read, How much will this cost me? to learn a bit more about how your particular background factors into your investment level, as the above listed are starting fees.

Are you ready to go pro?


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