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How to Rock Out Your LinkedIn Background Photo

Have you logged into your LinkedIn profile recently, only to notice that you have a little extra blank space up top? If not, you soon will, and I have some tips on how you can strut your professional stuff through your new LinkedIn background photo.

How to Rock Out Your LinkedIn Background Photo

Initially reserved for Premium members, LinkedIn has started rolling out a background photo feature – essentially LinkedIn’s version of Facebook’s cover photo – to all its members. Though it may feel like a chore to have yet another item to catch up with on LinkedIn, this really is an excellent opportunity for you to outshine the competition.

The internet can provide you with more options than you know what to do with. Starting with a source like 12 Amazing Sites With Breathtaking Free Stock Photos may help pique your imagination while providing you with no or low-cost options available for public use.

These sites offer images that can make your personality and professional savvy pop, such as an elegant skyline of the city you work in, an image of an old-fashioned typewriter or keyboard if you’re a writer, a sleek image of a computer for a techie, a map for a GIS geek, or maybe a picture of an iPhone if you’re that sales pro who’s always just one call away from your clients.

And what if you want to take your LinkedIn background image to an even a higher level? For a recent client who’d just graduated with a Master’s in Mathematics, I Googled “math,” clicked on the Images link and after a few minutes of scrolling through a mania of math images, it was love at first sight. I found an image that read, “I Heart Math,” with the shape of the heart made up of hundreds of tiny mathematical symbols.

I checked to make sure that the image was free and without rights restrictions and used Pixelmator (a sweet and cheap Mac stand-in for Photoshop) to customize it further by resizing the heart and the font to make sure it all aligned just right on the required canvas size. Its message and uniqueness nailed my client’s brand and made her a believer in how this seemingly small detail could make such a big impression.

If you own your own business, you might take the opportunity to add your logo, like I did on my LinkedIn profile. Tweaking these images to fit properly on your LinkedIn, Google, Twitter and Facebook social media profiles and pages does take some time, but isn’t it worth it to know you’re presenting your best professional self?

For more details on the how-to, head to LinkedIn’s Help Center article, Adding or Changing the Background Photo on Your Profile.


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