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  • Show Some Personality (on Your Resume)

    Smart marketers know that our brains are wired to ignore the mundane and expected. They also know that if you want to stand out in a mass of mediocrity, you need to make an emotional connection with your audience. What’s that got to do with your resume (and LinkedIn profile)? Everything.

    Show Some Personality (on Your Resume)

  • Your LinkedIn Connection Kit (LiCK)

    You’ve heard that you should be doing more than just accepting and sending generic invitations to connect on LinkedIn, but you’re just not sure what to say or do in order to prompt actual engagement. Well, here’s your answer. (Updated March 2016)

    Your LinkedIn Connection Kit (LiCK)

  • What Books Does a Career Expert Recommend?

    Take advantage of my tireless reading habit by checking out my recommendations for the best books on salary negotiations, interviewing, career change and how even you can use Twitter to enhance your job search.

    What Books Does a Career Expert Recommend?


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