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Melanie Lenci, CPRW & CEIP
The Boonies, NY


Let's cut to the chase. Have you visited other sites in your quest to find a writer to bring your career story to life? Of course you have.

How impressed were you by their site content? Did it speak to you, or was it a blah bomb?

You need a LinkedIn profile that speaks to your clients and/or target employers.

And, you need a resume that hits all those professional marks without being full of the same old resume speak. I get it.

Within these pages, I've answered just about every question you could possibly have about why the heck I do this, how we'd work together and what you stand to gain.

So, go explore sample city. If you like what you see, you know where to find me.

And, if you've got nothin' better to do, check out some of my recent articles, The BEST Time to Apply for a Job and STOP Irking Your Connections with Crappy LinkedIn Endorsements.

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